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By: Arika Linton

Sis, winning is our birthright. We deserve the beauty of living authentically and the luxury of being ourselves. So why do many of us settle for supporting character roles in our lives, personally and professionally? The further we journey into our thriving thirties and fearless forties, we either settle into who we have become or decide we are ready to step into the main character role we were created for.

Nothing aggravates me more than a woman who doesn’t wear her crown. A woman who utilizes it as a useless prop to take up space. My main character energy has kicked in heavily during my magic year, 32. I have found joy in seeing myself. I have become so in tune with my heart’s work that I am dismissive of anything that doesn’t serve me this season. I stripped myself of all the preconceived notions and mistakes to begin dealing with my present self. It was there that journaling, prayer, and consistency led me to pick up my crown.

Can I be honest? The weight of the crown has not been easy to carry. It has taken hours of accountability and truth talks (self-to-self). It has also allowed me to dissect how imposter syndrome appears. Additionally, I began uncovering that identity was the theme that kept me hostage. As I began to do “the work,” it was clear that in order for me to walk into my winning season, I was going to commit to delving deeper into my evolution. This realization changed the game.

Main Character Energy

Main character energy can be described as when one decides to put herself first. She pronounces in words, body language, and mentality that she is done playing a secondary character in her own life. She has concluded it does not serve her to put mind, body, and spirit last, and she now seeks fulfillment in things that unapologetically bring her joy. When this woman decides to shed the layers of self-doubt and be the heroine of her narrative, watch out because sis has tapped into her “inner g” and welcomes the energy for her new season.

One thing is for sure, I don’t acknowledge social media for many things, but I would like to thank the thumb critics for creating this slogan because it is such an affirmingly free term and a reminder to lead our life transparently and originally.

Take up the space, sis! We want to see the main character in you shine bright.

How You Gon’ Win When You Ain’t Right Within?

To quote the prolific Lauryn Hill, “...girls, you know you’d better watch out…”. Watch out for negative self-talk and people who aim to put their limited beliefs on you. To step into this season of main character energy starring the beautifully gifted and creative you, you must work to shame any version of you that seeks to stifle your growth mindset and authenticity.

To be right within means to be planted. To be planted in your faith, your wisdom and truth, and all you’ve overcome to bring you into this moment. You’ve prepared and now arrived for the role of a lifetime. No need to audition; God tailormade the role for you.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

As Destiny’s Children sang, “Say my name, Say my name.” The true measure of the main character’s energy is self-validation. Blessed is the woman who knows herself for herself (or whatever the beatitudes say). When you say your name in spaces, speak of yourself kindly, boldly, and tenaciously. When you say your name, speak of yourself as if the wisdom you’ve attained has journeyed you for one thousand years. When you say your name, remember the moments you prayed and worked so hard for.

A main character does not wait for a person, place, or thing to affirm her. She is the affirmation, inspiration, and aspiration. Roll out the red carpet and get ready for your necessary reintroduction.

Welcome to the evolution of you!

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