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Most of my articles are inspired by dialogue with my sister, Brittanye. We often get wrapped up in long lasting conversations that carry us for days regarding life, love and our constant yet ever-changing pursuit of happiness (real talk). As we were talking this weekend the topic of beauty marks arose. If you’re not familiar with the term beauty marks try the more commonly used term, battle scars. Battle scars imply you or someone you know has gone through something in life extremely traumatic and were left wounded (usually visible to the public). The term beauty marks coined by Atlanta’s own Ciara was meant to celebrate the light of our stories and wounds not to be hidden by the shame of our past because they make us beautiful.

Getting Over the Past

If you’re like me, everytime someone says “get over it” you cringe and instantly cue Lil Scrappy, Head Bussa ‘cuz it’s time to fight. Getting over the past takes time, patience, self love and commitment to forgiveness. I’ve learned to be gracious to myself and not let anyone rush my process because it takes a lot of self work. Depending on the severity of your past this process may sting and serve as a bittersweet reminder of some hard truths but try to focus your time of reflection to celebrate your strength. You’re a G, mama!

Embracing Your Beautiful Chaos & Celebrate Where You Are

Alexa, play Beyonce Flaws and All...I’m a trainwreck in the morning….”. Do you love yourself? Not on the surface level of loving yourself but do you actually love the you that has been shaped by current or past traumatic experiences? It takes work to embrace your story. It's interesting that we can show grace to everyone but ourselves (in most cases). On my own journey I have learned to celebrate where I am. Interesting enough, I have grown to love my mistakes because they have shaped me into the person I’ve become. A hardworking, loving and compassionate light all which makes me a better lover, mother, educator and friend. What has your beautiful chaos shaped you into? Share and celebrate your beauty marks.

Gift Yourself with Present Peace

Manifest a whole new life. Work on yourself. Stay off social media (if it’s a trigger). Pray AND Meditate. Seek out therapy. Be kind to yourself. Do what works for you and your dynamic. Being present is a gift I think most of us take for granted until we are forced to. Love you enough to give yourself present peace.

Cheers to the journey, sister.

I love you (and I mean it).

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